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About enterprise Agropromtehnika, OOO

The LLC Agropromtekhnika company has an opportunity to put the agricultural equipment and agricultural machinery:
1. For animal husbandry:
- Milking halls,
- Linear molokoprovoda,
- Units are milking,
- Installations are vacuum,
- Milking machines for loose housing keeping of animals,
- Units of individual milking,
- Installations are vacuum,
- Pumps,
- Milking buckets and covers to them,
- Glasses are milking,
- Ruffs for cleaning of a molokoprovod,
- Cups for disinfection of nipples after milking,
- Buckets for a vypoyka of calfs,
- Rugs for Cows,
- Sand-polymeric floor covering,
- Tanks coolers of milk of the closed, open and vertkalny type,
- Bathtubs of long pasteurization,
- Bathtubs are cottage cheese,
- Stall equipment,
- Lattices of a fodder table,
- Group drinking bowls,
- Polymeric and sand drinking bowls,
- Dairy taxi,
- Scales electronic for cattle,
- Machines for fixing of KRS,
- Systems of a navozoudaleniye,
- Equipment for compound feed preparation,
- Spare parts for any equipment.

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TypeProduction,Trade,Exhibition,Online Shop
Legal form of organizationОбщество с ограниченной ответственностью
certificatesISO 9000/9001/9004/19011: 2000


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