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  • The machine for fixing of cattle (processing of hoofs).

The machine for fixing of cattle (processing of hoofs).

The machine for fixing of cattle (processing of hoofs).
  • The machine for fixing of cattle (processing of hoofs).
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Country of manufacture:Turkey

The machine for processing of hoofs and veterinary service (further "Machine") corresponds to an anatomic structure of an animal and "covers" it from all directions. Inside there are no speakers of part. The animal freely looks forward and enters the machine without fear and a stress. Holders of extremities as much as possible use mobile abilities of an animal and "serve" a hoof in the position, most convenient for the expert. The machine is simple and convenient in operation, is served by one person. The animal is fixed by means of belts and lifted from a floor, legs are supported in the lifted state. Chest and belly belts 90 mm wide, thickness of 5 mm, are calculated on weight to 3 tons. The belt for fixing of forward and hind legs 50 mm wide, thickness of 3 mm, is calculated on weight to 1 tons.

WHEN RAISING the ANIMAL it is NECESSARY to TWIST BOTH HANDLES AT THE SAME TIME to avoid injuries of an animal.

The machine is convenient and easy-to-work; for use one person suffices; fixes a cow a cervical clamp like "Hedlok", fixes extremities of a cow serially, reliably and carefully, provides to the veterinarian free access to an animal and hoofs, it is safe for KRS, there are no speakers of elements in the machine which can injure an animal, the term of operation big due to application of thick-walled pipes (3,5 mm).
Existence of such machine - the integral component of normal veterinary and sanitary conditions of keeping of KRS. The negligent relation to a condition of hoofs of animals can lead to essential decrease in their efficiency and efficiency of all dairy and commodity hozyaystva.sootvetstvenno, yields of milk decrease. Cases of rejection of 20% of herd of milk cows only because of problems with hoofs are frequent.

It is possible to install the machine directly both in a cowshed, and out of it.
Besides processing of hoofs, the machine is suitable for carrying out other veterinary operations with fixing of an animal (an obezrozhivaniye, marking, injections, artificial insemination).

Technical characteristics of the machine for processing of hoofs:

  1. Overall dimensions (d, sh, c): 2200 x 1000 x 1800 mm.
  2. Opening gates, back and forward with a cervical clamp.
  3. Blocks (winches) for belts with the self-stopping level clamp from each party of the machine.
  4. Floor sizes: 2200 x 1000 x 4 mm.
  5. Arches captures for fixing of forward and hind legs.
  6. 3 belts (chest, belly and for fixing of legs).
  7. It is painted by an anticorrosive primer on metal.
Country of manufacture:Turkey
Information is up-to-date: 22.02.2018

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